Media Temple Crushes Social Media and Connects with its Customers

As much as I love creating strategies and making connections I get almost as big of a thrill out of seeing a company that already gets it. Social media isn’t about driving traffic back to your site or trying to get people to buy your product, that’s what your website is for. Social media empowers companies to make connections that weren’t possible five or ten years ago.

Earlier this evening a few of Media Temple’s servers were becoming inaccessible due to a UDP attack.

[nggallery id=10]

At approximately 3:50 PM PDT, (mt) Media Temple experienced a UDP flood against our DNS servers which has resulted in the unavailability of our nameservers (, All services that rely on those nameservers became unavailable at that time, including the (mt) Media Temple AccountCenter, the (mt) home page, and any customer sites that use our DNS.

While their engineers went to work trying to resolve the issue the help help desk went to work on Twitter not only keeping clients informed on what was happening they were responding to specific customer’s complaints and requests, even if it was only to apologize.

Disclosure: I am a current (and satisfied) Media Temple customer. This site is in fact hosted on a Media Temple server. I pay full price for my account with Media Temple. I wrote this post as an observer of Media Temple’s social media practices, not as a client. There is a link to Media Temple on the right side of my page that is an affiliate link. Media Temple does not pay me to put it there. I choose to put it there because I know finding good hosting can be difficult. I wanted to share with my readers the name of the company I entrust to keep this site up under most any circumstance.


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