RE: Yankee Stadium bans iPads via Mashable – CORRECTION

I’ve been going to Yankee games for over 10 years and have gotten used to the fact that, with a few exceptions, you’re not allowed to take virtually anything into the Stadium. Stan’s Bowling alley across the street makes money hand over fist renting out lockers to people who rushed to the stadium after work with their bags still in tow. For $10 you can leave your bag at Stan’s while you go enjoy the game.

I’m not sure why iPad owners feel like they should be any different. You can’t bring a laptop into the game why on earth should you be able to bring in an iPad? I think it would be pretty annoying to be surrounded by people clacking away on their iPads while you’re trying to watch the game.

That being said I wanted to specifically address the WiFi issue that Mashable mentions. While it’s true that Yankee Stadium is wireless, it’s not accessible to the public. The WiFi at the Stadium is password protected and used mostly by the media there.

“So what, I have a 3G enable iPad,” you say? Good luck with that. AT&T may be the official mobile sponsor for the Yankees but unless you’re in the top row of the Stadium you can forget about getting any kind of signal, 3G, edge or otherwise. During last year’s World Series I had to constantly borrow my friend’s Verizon phone just to be able to send a text message out.

So, unless you want to take your iPad as a tray to hold your beer and your nachos there’s not much point anyhow. Just leave your iPad at home and go enjoy the game. You can blog about it after you get home.


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