Childhood Memories: Torn Down

I just found out that they tore down the house I grew up in today. I have so many fond memories of that place. The ground floor was a restaurant and we lived upstairs. We were surrounded by corn fields and had a big, old barn in the back that held an entire world’s worth of imagination and make-believe for a kid growing up.

My parents ran it succesfully for 16-years until one day in 1984 the IRS literally showed up and siezed everything in the restaraunt over a tax descrepancy of an initial few hundred dollars. It was the only restaraunt in a small farm town of a few hundred people.

I don’t even want to imagine the next time I visit home and come up over the hill and not see that friendly, old silhouette greeting me off in the distance.

So long old restaraunt, you may be gone but you won’t be forgotten.


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