Is AT&T's Terrible 3G Responsible for Blackberry Users being More Active on Twitter than iPhone Users?

theresamapforthatCan AT&T’s 3G service be so bad that it’s actually affecting how people use their mobile apps? If recent data published by the siliconANGLE blog is to be trusted it may very well be.

Although the iPhone went zooming past RIM in market share over a year ago, siliconANGLE says their research shows that over the past year the most popular mobile Twitter client was ubertwitter. Beating out both Echofon and Tweetie, two extremely popular iPhone clients.

Ubertwitter is nowhere near as powerful, or as polished as either of the iPhone apps mentioned, but it does have one thing going for it that the iPhone apps don’t. You can use it on other networks. Granted this may be a bit slanted because you can get a Blackberry on literally any wireless network, but it’s still a bit shocking since iPhone users are supposed to be the power users of apps.

I can say from experience, that while I am a Tweetie junkie, I rarely even attempt to use it unless I can connect to wifi or unless I just have a lot of time to waste and am actually hoping the painfully slow load times will help wile away the hours.

If I’m not connected to wifi on my iPhone I almost always rely on texting to post to Twitter. It’s not even a reasonable consideration for me to try and open up Tweetie on 3G and try to get an update out.

That’s one thing ubertwitter really has going for it, it’s streamlined to be an effecient, fast mobile Twitter client and actually even works pretty well on AT&T’s EDGE network.

New York City has the worst 3G reliability in the country. It’s no wonder happy Verizon and Sprint customers are tweeting away on their Blackberry clients while us poor iPhone users are trying to count to 140 as we text in our latest tweets.


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