Google Boosts Their Paid Storage Quotas

It’s no earth shattering secret that storage has become cheaper and cheaper over the past few years and since there’s probably no one on the planet with more storage capacity than Google, it’s nice to see them spreading the wealth so to speak.



We wanted to let you know about some exciting changes to your Google paid storage plan. While storage costs have dropped naturally in the past few years, we’ve also been working hard to improve our infrastructure to reduce your costs even further. On Tuesday, November 10th, we increased the size of each of our tiers to make storage even more affordable and accessible. For the same $20.00 per year, you’ll now get 80 GB, 8 times as much storage as before. Your current plan will be automatically upgraded and your new quota will automatically show up in your account in the next 24 hours.

We hope you’ll like the extra space, but if it’s more than you need you can always change your storage plan or renewal preferences for next year in your Google account settings: Feel free to visit our Help Center for more information.

The Google storage team

My Account_1257988092607

This is great news for me because while 17GB of storage for my email is probably enough to last me a lifetime, I use Picasa Web to back up all of my photos and I was starting to run out of room.


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