Veterans Day: How to Thank a Veteran

veteran_dayI wouldn’t say that I grew up in a military family or anything, but I did grow up in a family with people who served in the military. My Father was drafted and served in Korea during the Korean War and I had an uncle, a few years older than my Dad, who fought in WWII and was actually a German POW during the Battle of the Bulge. I now have a nephew about to finish boot camp down in Parris Island with the United States Marine Corps.

Regardless of my political beliefs or my stance on current events, I’ve always had a healthy respect for our veterans. Politics aside, the one thing we can all agree on is that our veterans deserve to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. They put more on the line and have endured more than many of us can even imagine.

With two wars still raging on there can be no better time to show your support for a veteran and thank them for their service to our country.

Wednesday, November 11 is Veterans Day, try and take some time to show your gratitude to our veterans.

A few tips on how you can thank a veteran this Veterans Day:

  • Go to your local VFW and ask if you can make a donation, either by money or donation of your time. If you have a family member that serves in the armed forces you could make a donation in their honor.
  • Help bring a little piece of home to all of our troops serving overseas. Make a donation to the USO. The USO is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the troops by providing morale, welfare and recreation-type services to our men and women in uniform.
  • This one may sound simple but it’s probably underrated. If you see someone in uniform or someone wearing a hat or something that might identify them as a veteran that served in a foreign war, walk up, introduce yourself and let them know how grateful you are with a smile and a handshake.
  • Take a vet out to dinner. If you’re budget’s tight you can even find places around you that are offering free meals for veterans on Veterans Day. Applebees, McCormick and Schmick’s and The Golden Corral are a few that I know of. Outback is offering a free Bloomin’ Onion and a beverage and Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts!

It may be uncomfortable or out of character for you to do one or all of these things, but it’s nothing compared to what the men and women in our military put on the line for us every day. Let’s make this Veterans Day special, let’s join together and make certain our veterans know how much we appreciate everything they do for us.


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