Are you a Metrotextual?

guytextingAccording to new research by T-Mobile, men aged 18 – 24 are becoming a lot more affectionate when sending and receiving text messages. Not to feel left out men age 55+ are turning into metrotextuals at a rate of 1 in 10.

“Metrotextuality” is most widespread among 18-24 year old males with three quarters (75 per cent) regularly sealing texts with a kiss and 48 per cent admitting that the practice has become commonplace amongst their group of friends.

Nearly a quarter of this age group (23 per cent) even appreciate an “x’ in a text exchange from people that aren’t close friends.

The research also revealed there’s a certain etiquette within metrotextuality. A lower case “x’ is the preferred sign-off for most (52 per cent) compared to 17 per cent for a bolder upper case X), with one in three sharing the love in a big way with multiple lower case kisses (xxx).

Could texting be what the male species needed in order for it to finally get in touch with its softer side? Thousands of years of war and aggression set aside by a simple, “lol, ttyl…x”? Is there anything technology can’t do?


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