Thesis 1.6 and Why You Should be Using It

thesis-260x125When I began blogging back in 1999, I may not have had the tools at my disposal that I have today, but one thing I was as certain of then as I am today is the power of blogging. There has been no other tool in the history of mankind that has given voice to so many, for so little, in such a short period of time.

I believe that history will look back on this era, this dawn of social media, and pay homage to those who played a part in arming the masses during this wondrous time. It is my personal opinion, and I believe that history will bear this out, that Matt Mullenweg (Wikipedia) will be one of the people that will go down in history as having given voice to so many who may otherwise have felt marginalized and silenced their entire lives.

Of course there are many thousands of others who have played a part and I’m not saying Matt is the most important, nor the least, I am saying that for him to remain adamant about keeping WordPress Open Source even while it demolishes competitors in the market, is something very special.

Bet you weren’t thinking I was going to get so deep on why you should be using Thesis huh? Well, if you’re still reading this then I’ll assume you have a WordPress powered site, or are at least some marginal interest in starting one up. Once you’re up and running you’re going to want to customize the look and feel of your site. Depending on your level of experience and your budget this may be relatively easy or damn near impossible.

Other than your content there is no more important aspect of your site than how it looks. Sometimes, for me at least, the look may be even more important. If I go to a blog that is cluttered, hard to read, poorly designed or just generally disheveled looking, there’s a good chance I won’t give it much of a chance.

As WordPress has continued to grow and broaden its reach there has been no shortage of cottage industry theme makers popping up everywhere. Some are more legitimate than others. Most of these themes have been just that, themes. You get a design, throw it up on your site and keep using it until you’re sick of it. What WordPress is lacking is a robust, powerful framework that allows you to customize virtually every aspect of your site with little or no coding knowledge.

This is where the magic happens. Thesis gives you the tools to make WordPress an even more powerful, SEO optimized, customizable theme to start helping your site achieve its true potential. Using Thesis on your WordPress install is akin to adding nitrous to your hot rod. It was fast and fun to ride before, but once you put the nitrous on it you’re talking about one seriously bad ass piece of machinery.

The wonderful thing about Thesis is that the guys behind it, Copyblogger and Pearsonified are passionate about blogging and it shows in Thesis. And Thesis is constantly being worked on and developed. Each time a new version of Thesis comes out it usually includes tons of new features and is set up to make it extremely easy for you update your theme each time without losing any of the customizations you’ve worked into your theme.

Still not sold? Check out this screencast that Chris Pearson, the developer behind Thesis, put together to show you some great Thesis design tips. That’s some serious dedication.

Disclosure: 1) The links to Thesis in this post use an affiliate link. I am not a member of any other affiliate program and wouldn’t be sending you there if I didn’t fully believe in it. And, if you’re going to buy Thesis anyway, you may as well use my affiliate link :).
2)There is a link to in this post in the paragraph talking about cottage industry theme developers. I am a co-founder of WPDesignPro.


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