NASA Naysayers Proved Wrong

I can be the bigger man and admit when I am wrong. I admit that there may have been one (or more) occasions that I have entered into a “spirited” dialogue with someone and tried my hardest to persuade them that the entire moon landing was a hoax. Most of me knew it was bs, but part of me thought it would be much cooler to find out it was a hoax than to confirm it actually happened. I’ll never know what the former would feel like, but I have to admit the latter feels pretty cool too.


LRO maneuvered into its 50-km mapping orbit on September 15. The next pass over the Apollo 17 landing site resulted in images with more than two times better resolution than previously acquired. At the time of this recent overflight the Sun was high in the sky (28° incidence angle) helping to bring out subtle differences in surface brightness. The descent stage of the lunar module Challenger is now clearly visible, at 50-cm per pixel (angular resolution) the descent stage deck is eight pixels across (four meters), and the legs are also now distinguishable. The descent stage served as the launch pad for the ascent stage as it blasted off for a rendezvous with the command module America on 14 December 1972.




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