Mozilla Labs working on "Smart" Inbox: Raindrop

Mozilla Labs Thunderbird team is working on new, open source software aimed at making your email life easier by unifying many platforms in one place. Raindrop will use a smart filtering technology to separate the important, personal messages from the background noise of alerts, friend requests, direct message alerts etc. Possibly the most exciting part of this project is that, unlike Thunderbird, Raindrop is a web app.

Mozilla Raindrop

Email used to house the bulk of the conversations that took place on the internet, but that’s no longer the case today. In today’s world people use a combination of Twitter, IM, Skype, Facebook, Google Docs, Email, etc. to communicate. For many of us this means that we have to keep an eye on an ever-growing number of places we might get new messages. As a result, we never know that we’ve actually processed all the important messages, because our email has overwhelmed by noise which obscures the real messages from real people.

This boosts my argument last week that the email era is far from over. On the contrary, email is still in its infancy and as email grows up we will see more and more apps that will attempt to help you sort out the distractions until you’re ready to access them.

Click after the jump to watch a quick video highlighting some early features of the current Raindrop prototype.

Image via Raindrop Design Flickr


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