Thesis 1.6 Upgrading Tips

Total credit goes to Kristarella for figuring out these two bits of code that were stumping me. If you are upgrading to Thesis 1.6 and you have a customized nav and a custom header background there are three bits of code you’ll have to tweak in order to get them to work.

When I first upgraded I followed the instructions on the Thesis site but something was still not quite right. The site looked like this:

James Poling — Blogger. New Media Strategist._v1

For the most part everything worked flawlessly with the obvious exception of the nav and the header background. So, if you’ve upgraded to Thesis 1.6 and you’re site looks something like this don’t fret. You’re a few quick changes away from getting your site back to where it needs to be.

All of these changes will need to be made in your custom stylesheet. All can easily be accomplished with a few quick search/replace.

In Thesis 1.6 a few div ids and classes have changed

#tabs are now .menu

Current page item has been trimmed down to just current.

.current_page_item to just .current

This step wasn’t necessary in previous versions but in 1.6 you’ll need to proactively add a transparent background to the “page” class

#header_area .page {background:transparent;}

If you’re having trouble upgrading to Thesis 1.6 and keeping your current design, try these three steps and 9 out of 10 times your issue will be resolved.


9 thoughts on “Thesis 1.6 Upgrading Tips

  1. Glad you got it sorted out. I'm trying to pull all the info together to put on the forum. Another possible solution is to consider whether you can make the changes from Design Options – Nav Menu with new automatic dropdown menus. That way you do not have to change the custom.css.

  2. Yeah, so just like previously, custom.css will still ultimately overwrite everything. You may have noticed since this post I have refreshed my nav and header. I think it looks a bit crisper overall.


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