Snapture App vs. iPhone Native Camera App

snapture_logoIt’s good to finally see some of the apps I grew fond of back in the day when I was still jailbreaking my iPhone making their way into the more mainstream App Store. Snapture has a few very cool features that may well make it my camera app of choice, even over the native camera app.

Snapture features

  • Tap anywhere to take a photo.
  • Can take either one photo or three photos in quick succession.
  • Preview thumbnails before saving.
  • Take multiple photos even while other photos are processing

My number one favorite feature of Snapture is that you can tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo. Often times the action key to take a photo with the native camera app is awkward to get to, especially if you’re trying to take a photo with one hand.

I have an 18-month-old daughter and I often miss something really cute or funny that she’s doing while I’m waiting for the camera app to reset itself so I can take another photo. Snapture can take three photos and quick succession and while those photos are processing you take more pics. I’ve had up to 15 pics in the queue to be saved, many of those photos are shots I would not have gotten on the native app.

As far as quality goes, the apps are pretty much evenly matched. Snapture seems to have a slightly warmer look than the native camera app but it’s very minor. All in all I would say, if you use your iPhone camera with any regularity, that Snapture is definitely worth the $1.99 it’s going for in the App Store.

Snapture. vs. iPhone Photos

native_1 snapture_1 native_2 snapture_2 native_3 snapture_3


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