How to set up MMS on your iPhone

Everyone is going nuts over AT&T finally opening up MMS (picture messages) for the iPhone. Personally I much prefer sending images via email anyway but I can see how it may come in handy for some people.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes
  2. You should see the following message
  3. Choose “Udpate Settings” the update should only take a few seconds and you will get a confirmation
  4. Restart your iPhone. You have to reset your iPhone for the update to show up.
  5. Confirm the update worked by opening up your Messages app and looking for the camera icon next to the entry field. (screencaps below)

That’s it, you’re ready to start bringing AT&T’s network to its knees. Wait, it’s already on its knees, so you can start kicking it in the face by sending pictures messages constantly to everyone you know.

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Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty

Why I made the switch back to Yahoo! Mail while Gmail plays catch-up

yahoo-logo[3]The oldest email in my gmail account dates back to December 2004 and that wasn’t even my first emails. Gmail was launched as an invitation-only beta release on April 1, 2004 and I got my first invitation in June of 2004. jamespoling[at] has been my primary email account for over five years. Technically I should say, “had been” my primary email account.

Since the first day I signed up for Gmail I was hooked. I was easily the first person in my circle of friends to start using Gmail and I quickly began campaigning, sending out my invites to get people to check out this revolutionary new webmail app. I immediately turned into a Gmail snob. When I was running my own company and hiring freelance writers and producers, I would shamelessly discriminate against people who didn’t use Gmail. If a position came down to two people and one had a Gmail account and the other didn’t, it was a no-brainer.

Back in September of ’07 Lifehacker published a post titled, “Yahoo Mail Innovates, Gmail Stagnates“. Adam Pash, the post’s author sums up his thoughts towards the end of the post with, “It’s probably obvious that Gmail is my preferred web-based email (I’ve sung its praises many times before), but I’ll be damned if I don’t want to see some improvements out of it.” That pretty much summed up my thoughts on the matter as well.

gmail-logo-google-tmSure, Yahoo might be innovating but nothing is going to come between me and my beloved Gmail.

The problem with that train of thought is that part of my job is to be on the cutting edge of innovation. I just naturally assumed that since Gmail had basically knocked it out of the part with their first attempt at webmail that they would eventually address the concerns of its users, the ones that had been staunch Gmail loyalists all along. I was sorely mistaken. Rather than addressing basic issues like true push on iPhones or Blackberries, or anything that would pass for a useful contact management tool that would allow you to sync to your mobile device, Gmail pushed its users to the side and went straight for Enterprise level clients.

While Yahoo has been busy developing a new, user-friendly and appealing UI, a robust contact management system and wonderful new calender, Gmail has released such useful tools as “Graffiti theme” and “beer goggles” to keep you from sending emails while you are drunk.

Yahoo offers extremely effective real-time push on the iPhone with IMAP folder syncing that works amazingly well, neither of which Gmail offers. Yahoo! Mail syncs your calendars and your contacts to your iPhone as well.

Gmail, who now seems to be playing catch-up to Yahoo, has released a way to get Gmail to Push on your iPhone as well as syncing your calendars and contacts. The only problem with that is that it requires you to set up Gmail as an Enterprise account (see above about Google pushing aside it’s personal users to appeal to Enterprise level corporations) which is completely useless if you, like many people, actually use your iPhone with your company’s Enterprise mail service. You cannot set up two different Enterprise accounts on your iPhone so, sorry about your luck I guess.

After over five years with Gmail I have spent the last week moving everything over to my Yahoo! Mail account and I couldn’t be more satisfied. It’s amazing how much time something as simple as filing away or deleting an email on your iPhone and having that reflected when you sign-in to your web account can save.

Posterous launches killer new iPhone App, adds Themes and CSS/HTML Customization

Posterous iPhone App

Back in July I got word from the guys over at Posterous that they were hard at work on an iPhone app that would make posting video from your iPhone 3G S wonderfully simple. They did not disappoint. PicPosterous is by far the best media app I’ve used to publish photos and videos from my iPhone.

Your iPhone instant camera
Live-post anytime, anywhere
Make photo albums as you go
Auto-resized into an easy-to-browse gallery
Full-length video capture
Supports iPhone 3G S video, playable on web and iPhone
No signup/setup required
Start posting right away
Autopost everywhere
Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and more
I can assure you that this has singlehandedly sealed the deal on Posterous being the best mobile publishing site out there. Hands down. If you have an iPhone, there is no reason at all that you shouldn’t have a Posterous site and this app. You can download it here.

Posterous Themes

After much anticipation Posterous has finally added the ability to add themes to your Posterous site. Initially there are four new themes to choose from but I’m sure there will be more to follow. What’s even more exciting than the four new theme options is that they have also opened up the the HTML/CSS code to allow you to create your own Posterous theme from scratch. This will no doubt create an instant demand for quality custom Posterous themes for people to beef up their sites. This also allows people, for the first time to actually brand their Posterous site with their own company brand. This should be huge in the growth of Posterous.

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