Posterous and Qik Video on the iPhone 3G S

posters_and_qikYesterday I wrote about YouTube’s current dominance as the iPhone video hosting place of choice simply because you can upload videos straight from your phone and not be hindered by the relatively small file size restrictions on email attachments. I also mentioned that Vimeo publicly admitted to not having the resources to develop an iPhone app. I think this is a mistake that Vimeo will ultimately correct or regret, I’m not sure which.

YouTube’s dominant position may not last for long if a couple of other companies have their say. Qik and Posterous are both working on iPhone apps that will allow you to upload much longer video straight from your iPhone.

What will the two apps be offering? We heard back from both of them today. Someone inside Qik and from Sachin, one of the founders of Posterous and here are their responses.

Qik: “There is no limit to the total number of videos you can upload to There is a limit of 2 hours to the length of the video that you can upload.”

Posterous: “We are working on a photo uploading app now, and we’ll add video to it after we release the initial version. This should allow full res, long uploads to posterous.”

All I can say is, wow! The thought of streaming up to two hours of live video on the iPhone is a pretty exciting concept. Qik is already available on jailbroken iPhones but they do have an app in beta so let’s hope that Apple gives it the thumbs up for the App Store.

As exciting as two hours of streaming video is I’m almost more excited about the Posterous app. The Posterous app promises not only to allow you “long uploads” but Posterous will also post/publish your videos everywhere for you. This will allow you to take video on your iPhone, upload it to Posterous and have it posted to your blog, Twitter feed, Facebook account, Vimeo account AND YouTube. Posterous and iPhone have the potential to unleash live video greatness upon the web.

Hopefully we’ll here more soon about one of these apps being released into the App Store.


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