Seesmic Desktop

If you plan on taking over and/or changing the world one social media network at a time, Seesmic Desktop is likely the tool you should be using to set your plan in motion.

I sat down tonight with the intention of writing a review of SD (yeah, we’re cool like that). After sitting here for a while, procastinating with SD and FriendFeed I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no way I can write a completely objective review that wouldn’t come off as anything more than a blubbering endorsement of SD.


After using SD for almost a week the harshest thing I can say about it is that there is still no FriendFeed support, but according to Loic, that’s already coming.

SD may not be quite as aesthitically pleasing as TweetDeck, but it’s cleaner in its simplicity and that somehow makes it even more charming. SD’s clean UI makes it far more appealing to look at for long periods of time. Not to mention, power users of apps care far less about slick UIs than they do about usability. Iconfactory made a beautiful client for Twitter on the iPhone, but Tweetie now dominates the landscape because of it’s features and attractiveness to power users.

More importantly SD’s integration with Facebook is much better than TD and, unlike TweetDeck, Seesmic Desktop allows you to login to multiple Twitter accounts at a time. For me, this is a huge limitation of TweetDeck. I have my personal Twitter account and I also create/manage accounts for MLBAM, having a single Twitter login is a major handicap.

On top of all of this, having all of your connections in one place frees you up to do the other things you love to do online. Seesmic will alert you when you’ve recieved a new post or Facebook update. The timelines are great. I can spend my time taking care of everything else I need to take care of (like writing this post) and glance over and immediately see what’s up with two of my Twitter accounts and my Facebook account.

If you consider yourself a social media junkie and use Twitter and Facebook as your primary stomping grounds, you owe it to yourself to download Seesmic Desktop and give it a shot. It’s definitely a game changer. Watch as your network grows and solidifies as you master SD and become a social media ninja.

If you’re more the studious type and less hands on go watch this video of Seesmic Desktop features.


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