Microsoft Launches Bing in Preview (not beta)


Microsoft quietly rolled out its new search engine last night. The unavoidable question for any new service like this is, “is this going to be a Google killer?” Obviously it’s too soon to make that sort of call, but you have to think that Microsoft is due to get something big right sooner or later. After the failures of Vista, Zune and Hotmail, Microsoft is definitely playing catch up.

Could Windows 7 and Bing be the 2009 tech hits of the year? Only time will tell.

Bing has a “preview” tag below it, whether it was intentional or not, this seems to be a bit of a jab at Google which often keeps the “beta” tag on many of its products for years.

My first impressions of Bing are pretty good. While I think the splash page, with the photos on the page, are a bit hokey, I might be able to get used to them. What I really like though is the search results. They’re not only accurate, the results are even cleaner and easier to read the Google’s.

When you mouse over a result you can see a snippet of the latest content posted on the site you’re looking for.



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