New Projects

Spring has sprung, summer is almost here, life at BAM is returning to a normal hum and I’m pretty excited about a couple of new projects on the horizon. Both are with my good friend and comrade, Jake Clark.

The first project to launch will probably I’m very excited about this one. In the year’s I’ve spent developing websites and blogs I’ve learned that one of the most difficult aspects about staking your claim on the internet is your design. Your design is your first impression to your client/readers and for most people, a clean, professional design is the hardest part of achieving their goal.

There are a few premium WordPress Theme shops out there but, for me at least, they’ve all sort of missed the mark. Maybe not by much and it may be just a feeling or a minor piece of the puzzle, but for me, it’s the small things that round out a great site.

Between Jake and myself we have over 16 years of website development between us and most all of that is working with CMS platforms to create dynamic, easy to use sites for people looking to build a solid, professional presence on the internet.

If you’re looking to put that final piece of polish on your WordPress powered site, check out WPDesignPro for some exciting developments.


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