Dunkin' Donuts Kicking Starbucks While it's Down, Offers $.99 Recession Lattes in NYC

dunkin_donuts_latteIt’s been no secret that Starbucks has begun seeing an end to it’s glorious salad days when people cheerfully doled out $5 for a cup of coffee.

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned recession to make people tighten up their purse strings and start wondering why the hell they’re paying so much for a ground up bean (no, not that bean).

Last Summer Starbucks announced that it was closing 600 stores and laying off around 12,000 employees.  Dunkin’ Donuts wasted no time trying to hammer some final nails in their coffin.

Even before this announcement Dunkin’ Donuts had been steadily chipping away at the Starbucks’ coffee biz with their highly successful America Runs on Dunkin’ campaign and more recently, appealing to the working class with their Dunkin’ beats Starbucks campaign.  They’ve been very successful in rebranding themselves from being perceived as just a donut shop, to being perceived as a viable place for quality coffee.

On February 10th and 12th Dunkin’ will be sending out “Latte spies” in NYC  handing out $5 gift cards to anyone they see holding a Dunkin’ Donuts bag or cup on their morning commute.  Four random commuters will receive a $99 gift card.

These giveaways are a component of Dunkin’s newly launched promotion where all stores in the tri-state area are now offering Lattes for only 99-cents, reinforcing that customers can still indulge in a high-quality beverage without blowing the lids off their budgets.

The “Latte spies” will travel on foot, as well as the LIRR, Subway, NJT and Hoboken Ferry in search of loyal customers at these locations:

Hicksville, Long Island and Penn Station/Herald Square (Tuesday, February 10th)
Iselin, Secaucus and Hoboken, NJ and NYC (Thursday, February 12th)

It’s a brilliant marketing scheme.  Offering $.99 Lattes in the middle of a recession to a city that loves their morning coffees.  Even the coffee cart guys can’t beat that.  Sounds like a great way to start building some new brand loyalty.

DD launched a similar promotion last November where they offered $.99 Lattes for a few days.  The difference is that, for the tri-state area at least, this $.99 deal seems to be indefinite for now.


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