Religion is hardwired into our brains, brains, BRAINS!

pillar2-supernatural-godcreates-man-sistine-chapelApparently P.T. Barnum was wrong, there’s not a sucker born every minute.  There’s one born…well, everytime someone is born apparently.

Religion is part of human nature and our brains are hard wired to believe in God, scientists believe.

The evidence includes studies of babies and children which have shown the brain is programmed to think of the mind as being separate from the body.

This distinction allows us to believe in the supernatural, to conjure up imaginary friends  – and to conceive of gods, this week’s New Scientist reports.

Other studies suggest our minds come with an overdeveloped sense of cause and effect, which primes us to see purpose and design everywhere, even when there is none.Children as young as seven or eight believe that rocks, rivers and birds have been created for a specific purpose.

Taken together, the two traits mean were are perfectly programmed to believe in god.

‘All humans possess the brain circuitry and it never goes away.’

So the next time religion comes up, you can just whip out this post and calmly explain that while some of their beliefs may seem far-fetched, they are actually a part of the wiring of their brain and there’s really not much anyone can do about it.


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