Dropbox allows you to Sync Files Online and Across Computers

dropbox-home-secure-backup-sync-and-sharing-made-easy_1233815618281As an admitted Google fanboy, I’ve been waiting oh so impatiently for the unveiling of the long rumored GDrive.  Until then though, I happened across a pretty cool alternative that seems to work great, called Dropbox.

Dropbox is in open beta right now and works on Windows, Mac and Linux.  It’s incredibly simple to set up and the sync is extremely fast.  It basically works like a folder on your computer, you drag the files/photos/videos/etc. that you want in there and they automatically sync to the web giving you access to them anywhere.

You can also get a public link for any of your files by right clicking on it and choosing the option.  You can create a folder of hi-res photographs, create a public link and send it to all your friends for them to easily check out and download.  So far it seems like an extremely well put together app.

Right now Dropbox has two levels of service.  You can get the basic free edition which gives you 2GB of space, or for $99/yr you can have 50GB of space.  They also say that they will have more plans coming soon.  There is also an iPhone app on the horizon as well.

If you were looking for an easy an convenient way to share and access some of your files from any computer, this is by far the best solution I’ve seen so far.  You should definitely check it out.


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