Share This vs. Add to Any

Every blog should have some sort of tool that plugs into each of their posts and allows users to share that post either via email or by publishing it elsewhere.

I have been a long time user of Share This but recently switched to using the Add to Any buttons.

share_vs_saveThere are a few reasons why I made the change, both are great plugins and add great functionality to a site. I’ve been keeping an eye out and recently it seems that Add to Any has gotten a few new features that make a better option right now. At least for me.

  1. Earlier this year, Share This began requiring sign ups and that you be registered in order to customize its features. I’m on enough lists and have enough logins, I don’t really need to add one more just to provide a sharing feature on my site.
  2. Add to Any automatically integrates itself with Google Analytics.
  3. Add to Any uses a new smart feature to automagically add services that a reader uses most to the top of the social networks.
  4. Add to Any has no login required for customization.
  5. Add to Any has faster, cleaner interface, again with no login cluttering up the widget.

Much of the decision on which tool to use is personal preference. For now, it’s hard to beat the ease of use and features Add to Any is providing.

What’s your favorite site sharing tool?


7 thoughts on “Share This vs. Add to Any

  1. I agree with all the above on your list. I was also finding that the Share This plugin was slowing down the load time of my site pages. Add To Any does not! It also doesn’t hurt that the AddToAny plugin author is a way cool down to earth guy! I just met him last night at the SF WordPress Meetup. Really nice guy!

    • Hi Trish, thanks for the comment, sorry it got lost for a bit. I think a lot of people are finding the same issues with Share This. I really don't think that the Add to Any doesn't get enough credit for how intuitive and light it is.

  2. I also switched from Share This to add to any. The only problem is, “share this” seems to be instantly identifiable to users, than the “add to any” button. I guess this has a lot to do with the name as well. But this issue can be solved by using a custom button that resembles the Share this button.

  3. I use both Share This and Add to Any depending on the website I'm building. The only limitation I've seen with Add to Any is that it causes any flash on your page embedded near or under the popover to disappear. I'm sure this small bug will be fixed.


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