iPhone Camera Apps: Darkroom vs. Night Camera

I was hoping to find a clear winner in this matchup but as far as I can tell one app is pretty much as good as the other. Both apps are very reasonably priced at $.99. Both apps now offer full screen shutter mode which is great.

Night Camera claims to have other settings that also make it a regular camera but there are other camera apps that, in normal lighting are better than both of these. I just realized I should have probably added a third photo with a regular camera app, but trust me, these apps do manage to use the accelerometer to steady the camera and absorb as much light as possible.

Here are the two pics I took with each app. The difference, in my opinion is pretty negligible so I think it’s pretty much up to you to buy one or the other and feel comfortable that you’re not missing out on anything. It does look like Nigh Camera may have a tiny bit of an advantage in clarity but I’m not sure it’s an appreciable amount. Judge for yourself.




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