Rush Limbaugh Says He Hopes Obama Fails


Imagine if a prominent Democrat would have said this about Bush during such a precarious time in the Nation.  It would have been fodder for the right wing pundits for years.

I certainly hope we are slowly reaching a point in American history where blowhard bullies and shit stirrers like Limbaugh find themselves being tuned out more and more by people who actually want to be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Just this past August, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Jeb Bush all called in to Rush’s show to congratulate him on 20 years of being on the radio.

Oil prices were at their highest, the country was in the midst of a recession, Wall Street and the banks were crumbling, the War in Iraq and Afghanistan were still raging with no end in sight.  All a result of choices Bush had made during his last eight years in office.  Did Rush use the opportunity to take Bush to task?  Not likely.

Here’s a sample of how the conversation went:

RUSH: Have you heard what Senator Obama wants to do? He wants another stimulus check of a thousand dollars to every American paid for by the oil companies.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. Well, what we ought to be doing is encouraging oil companies to find oil, and that’s the best way to take the pressure off the gasoline prices. We’re on a very strong push to get the Congress to allow for there to be offshore drilling, and most Americans understand now that an increase in oil, particularly here in America, will help take pressure off of price. And I tell people I’d rather, you know, be buying American oil instead of sending our money overseas.

RUSH: You know, Mr. President, it’s amazing. In 2004 during your campaign, Senator Kerry was constantly criticizing you for not “jawboning” with the Saudis enough to bring the price of oil down. Now, four years later, they’re doing everything they can to keep the price from coming down. They apparently want it to remain high.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, they may want to, but the American people want to see some relief. It would be like a massive tax cut when the gasoline prices decline. So we’re in times of economic uncertainty and the more money people have in their pockets the quicker we’ll be able to recover, in my judgment. You asked how I’m doing. My spirits are high; I’m going to finish strong. I love my family and I’m spending two days here with mother and dad before I head overseas.

Somehow he managed to insult Obama and Kerry all while slobbering over how brilliant Bush’s run in office had been.

Amazing.  But there is no reasoning with mean-spirited bullies like Limbaugh.  They huff and puff just to hear themselves speak.  There is no sense of introspection.  To them they are right, end of story.  There are no other sides.

The only way to get rid of people with that frame of mind is to tune them out.  Arguing with people like that just boosts their egos as if they are definding some noble thought or ideal, when in fact they are just towing the line.


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