NYC Teams up with Google to Create New Information Center

Google and NYC have teamed up to create an extremely cool, state of the art information center. Sure, you may feel like a dorky tourist showing up at the NYC Information Center, but you can certainly offset that by somehow working loudly into your conversation with someone, “Well, I guess I’ll be going back to my home in New York City now”.


See, nothing awkward about that.  So, just in case you’re interested in checking it out the information center is located at 810 Seventh Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd Streets.

Still not convinced?  Don’t worry, you can still take a virtual tour of NYC from your computer or your phone.  No need to even leave the house.

Mayor Bloomberg even wrote a guest post on the Official Google Blog hyping the new center along with the correlating new website

In partnership with Google, we are launching a new website and Information Center to help make it easier for both visitors and residents to explore all the energy, excitement and diversity of New York City’s five boroughs. is the official resource on the web for all there is to see, do and experience in the City. This dynamic site uses Google Maps to help you plan your New York experience and find hotels, restaurants and entertainment, in addition to exclusive citywide savings and promotions. With you can use Google Maps to get directions to attractions throughout the City, and even send the info to your phone with Google Maps for mobile.

The Information Center features interactive map tables, powered by the Google Maps API for Flash, that let you navigate venues and attractions as well as create personalized itineraries, which can be printed, emailed or sent to mobile devices there’s a gigantic video wall that utilizes Google Earth to display a 3D model of New York City on which you can map out personalized itineraries.

Bloomberg 2.0.  I like it.


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