Twitter User Produces One of the Most Amazing Pics from Today's US Airways Crash in the Hudson

us_airways_crash_hudsonEarlier today a US Airways jet made an emergency landing in the Hudson River after the plane lost power in both engines, presumably as a result of flying into a gaggle of geese.  I admit that I get a little freaked out about flying, but I’d rest a lot easier if the next time I had to travel I had this guy as my pilot.  Not only did everyone on board survive the landing there weren’t even any major injuries…from landing in the Hudson freaking River!

We had the TVs on at work following the local coverage and the shots of the plane floating in the water with passengers standing on the wings waiting to be rescued by passing water taxis and ferries.  While those were some compelling images, one of the most amazing photos I saw of today’s event came from a passenger on one of those ferry’s.  Judging by the photo it was one of the very first ferries to arive at the scene.  

Around 3 p.m. Janis Krums posted this on his Twitter account:

jkrum_twitter Viva citizen journalism!  Twice in two weeks citizen journalists have captured fascinating events on their cell phones.  In this case, other media outlets were on the scene fairly quickly covering the crash, but this photograph showing the plane before it was surrounded by rescue boats and dipping almost completely underwater is classic.  And for the record, there are many other cell phone pics and digital camera pics from today’s event caught by many other citizen journalists, this one just stood out to me.

The other case of citizen journalism caught a far more brutal and purposeful act on tape and may help put a man away for murder.  The BART police officer shooting caught on several cell phone video cameras spread around the internet like wildfire.

Will 2009 be the year of the citizen journalist?  It’s been building to that, this may be the year that actually tips the scales.  Let’s see who can come up with a creative, informative way to gather this information?  I have a few ideas, but of course, only time will tell.


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