ScheduleWorld Spams 991 People, All in the "To" Field

UPDATE: ScheduleWorld’s President, Mark Swanson just sent out an email while I was posting this to apologize, blaming it on a “recent ‘enhancement'”.  He also says in the email, “Also, if you no longer wish to receive email announcements from ScheduleWorld simply respond to this email and let us know.”  Thanks, but it’s a little too late Mark.  How about adding an unsubscribe link or at the very least a way to delete your account.  You can see his full email after the jump.

ScheduleWorld is apparently ran by idiots. I got an email today that was addressed to me and about 990 other other people whose name starts with a “J”.


And wtf is “ANN:_New_Services”?  Nice fucking subject line assholes.  How the hell do you misspell an abbreviation?  And the underscores are just the icing on the cake.

I don’t have any idea what ScheduleWorld is.  My guess is I may have signed up for an account a while ago to check them out.  Obviously they didn’t leave much of an impression since I don’t even remember the product or the site.

Even better, when I went to the site to see what the hell it was, I got this happy little warning from my browser:


Awesome, first the spam, now unwanted trojans?  Way to run a business.  Luckily I have that warning in my browswer otherwise I would imagine whatever it was would have just silently installed itself on my machine.

Of course there’s no opt-out in the email, no unsubscribe link.  I retrieved my password and signed in at ScheduleWorld, not only is there not a place to manage whether or not you get emails, there’s not even a way to delete your account!   I did a search on their forums to “delete account” and got nothing.  Once you sign up with ScheduleWorld they apparently keep your information for life.

You can check out some of the responses from people whose name starts with a “J” after the jump.

Thanks Scheduleworld for exposing 991 of your “J” client’s email addresses. You incompetent clods

ZOMG, Hi other J people of the world.
Together we must arise and conquer the world.

I thought I was the only Jamie using scheduleworld. Memotoo here I come.

Of course, some of the replies are just more spam trying to take advantage of how incompetent ScheduleWorld is.

Sweet baby Jesus! – organize your life

show details 9:19 PM (29 minutes ago)

Sorry for not using BCC in the previous email. This has been fixed.

We’ve been using the same process for sending email announcements
for the past 6 years. A recent ‘enhancement’ has caused the
announcement software to use CC instead of BCC.

This wasn’t intentional.
It won’t happen again.
Again, it’s been fixed.

I’ve responded personally to each and every person that has
complained, and will continue to do so.

I personally accept the blame for this. You can direct whatever lumps
you feel necessary my way by responding to this email.

Also, if you no longer wish to receive email announcements from
ScheduleWorld simply respond to this email and let us know.

Mark Swanson


One thought on “ScheduleWorld Spams 991 People, All in the "To" Field

  1. It seems that ScheduleWorld has attempted to make it easier for the users to leave their service. There is now an unsubscribe link in the e-mail they are sending and, as the ScheduleWorld president promised, there are no longer e-mail addresses from other members.

    Unfortunately, the link to unsubscribe doesn’t work…


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