Google Reveals Hidden Features in iPhone App

google_app_settingsSeems like Google is ringing in the new year by spilling the beans on some secret features in their iPhone app.

One evening in Zurich, after a late night cake run, we decided that our iPhone app, Google Mobile App with Voice Search, could do with a little bling. The result of this is a few extra options hidden below the preferences on the Settings tab. Trust us, they’re down there… it just might take some perseverance to get to the bottom of things. Just keep trying!

They plan to make a formal announcement at Macworld, but if you don’t feel like waiting and didn’t figure out the blatant hint from Google, just go to the settings tab and keep swiping up, eventually the bells and whistles tab will show up.

You can change the color of the app, and make the default sound a monkey or a chicken.  I think the monkey is probably a little more professional if you plan on using it in an important meeting or something like that.  If it’s purely for personal use, go ahead and go with the chicken.

[nggallery id=5]


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