The Kentucky Turtle Man

One the great things about blogging (besides the fancy cars and the women) is being able to share random slices of life that you may have otherwise never have been exposed to.  Take for instance Ernie Brown Jr. from Kentucky and his remarkable ability to catch snapping turtles.  Color me impressed.


Thanks to Start the Insanity for the tip.


6 thoughts on “The Kentucky Turtle Man

  1. i was born in Kentucky. i know our proud history. Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, Hunter S. Thompson, and now comes the young upstart Ernie Brown Jr. maybe this good news will chase away memories of the violent horse maiming at the Derby. and the fact that Kentucky went red in November.

  2. I’m pretty sure God is already punishing Kentucky for going red by trying to destroy it with ice storms.

    I even heard they had to call up Earnie Brown Jr. to help with the rescue effort.

  3. Say what you want. However, what are you doing to help others , to have an enjoyable laugh, in this trying
    times. And, if you think that that it is so easy, go try it. You may change you mind about how you see
    other people. Be careful how you point your finger , it may come back to you…
    I have found out that the Turtle-Man has helped other , in more ways than one. What have you done ?

  4. I don’t think there was anything particularly disparaging said about the Turtle Man, Bob.

    If you’re talking about the rescue effort comment that was said in jest and is a joke, not a social commentary on Turtle-Man.

    And for your information Bob, I entertain millions of people around the world with my insight and humor. That’s pretty darn helpful if you ask me.


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