CrunchGear is Doing Its Part to Lessen the Impact of the Recession by Literally Giving You Their Used Junk

junkApparently the arrogance over at the TechCrunch network of sites isn’t limited to Arrington. CrunchGear’s John Biggs fancies himself a philanthropist of sorts. If, of course, your description of philanthropy is re-gifting samples that were given to you that you didn’t even find good enough to continue using yourself.

Where is all this stuff coming from? I just redid my upstairs office and found a ton of junk lying around cluttering things up. Although basically don’t keep this stuff and have to send it back, sometimes things fall through the cracks and I want my problems with gadget storage to be your gain.

From what I can piece together from that train wreck of a description it seems that most of this stuff was supposed to be sent back but, “oopsy, it ended up in my closet. I’ve basically sifted through anything worth keeping and the rest has been gathering dust until I so generously decided to give it to you.”

Oh my, you mean I can have an in-ear ear bluetooth headset that you’ve had in your ear and then left in your closet for a year? Fuck this must be my lucky day. Sign me up John. And if you’re not going to eat the gristle off that chicken leg maybe you could chuck it my way so I can gnaw it off when you’re done, or would I have to enter into a contest for said chicken leg?

Today was only day one of the “contest”. Tune in tomorrow when Biggs plans on giving away a flash drive he’s had hidden up his ass for the past five years. You don’t want to miss out on that fun.


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