Puff, Puff Give

Jacob Grier over at The American Spectator has a nice piece in which he makes a passing comment on the state of America’s so-called War on Drugs:

…we should acknowledge our contemporary struggle with prohibition. The war on drugs has led to gang violence, trampling of civil liberties, and military interventions abroad. Federalist principles are routinely ignored in medical marijuana raids, doctors face prosecution for prescribing painkillers, and ordinary adults must show their ID just to purchase effective cold medicine. The United States now has more than 300,000 people imprisoned for drug violations.

I’ve written about this numerous times and couldn’t agree more.  The fact that we lock non-violent drug offenders up with rapists and murderers is appalling.  Also, the fact that I’m drug free and finding myself thinking, “I’d like to have a beer with Andrew Sullivan,” a bit frightening.  The only thing that can mean is that either one of us has changed dramatically in the past four years or we’ve both changed just enough.

Some great recommended reading the subject of the absurdity of consensual crimes in America is Peter McWilliams’ Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do.


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