iPhone 2.2 Photo Image Bug


If you have photos emailed to you from another iPhone and try to save it to your camera roll and you’ve updated your phone to the new 2.2 firmware then you have probably noticed some of your photos are jacked up.  More specifically, all of your photos that were sent to you from another iPhone then saved to your device are jacked.

What’s odd about this bug is that it not only effects photos you’ve saved to your device since the 2.2 update, it effects every photo you’ve saved to your device that was sent from another iPhone.  Now that Apple has sold us on the fact that we no longer need MMS, they go and release a firmware update that basically cripples the ability to share photos with other iPhone users.

I have a new daughter and I bought everyone in my family an iPhone for the express purpose of sharing photos.  I don’t know about Apple but when I have about 200 pictures of my daughter that are basically unviewable I consider it a pretty big deal.

The only plausible explanation so far for why this may be happening is some convoluted story about the exif data being either corrupted or misread during the save process.  Whatever it is I hope 2.2.1 is rolling out with a fix very soon.

The screencaps above are from Full Speed who has an excellent and very detailed write up of our new fucked photos.


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