The Wall Street Journal made me seem like an Apple fanboy

After writing the Obama/Zune article last night I guess I didn’t realize how much the issue would linger.  I was attempting to crack wise about it and make the point about who gives a crap what Obama listens to his music on while he exercises, but taken out of context it made me seem like I was a Mac fan boy.  

The Apple crowd isn’t as psyched. “You can’t run an election claiming you own an iPod and garnering people’s votes then after you win suddenly start toting around a Zune. That’s just not cool,” writes James Poling.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen.  According to the Wall Street journal, a respected and well established news outlet, I am “the Apple crowd”.  That has to count for something right?  Can’t someone at Apple hook me up with a free Macbook Pro to blog on or something?

P.S. I do have an email into the Obama camp to hopefully settle this once and for all.  I’m sure it’s right on the top of their to-do list.


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