Inventors file patent application that proposes to stop hurricanes with supersonic jets

Hurricanes busily working on counter application that would stop supersonic jets with super high winds, lightning and other devastating nature type stuff.

…the present invention relates to a method of suppressing or completely eliminating hurricane/typhoon structures via the destabilizing effects of supersonic booms generated from one or more supersonic-capable aircraft (e.g., jet fighters). Jet fighters flying at supersonic speeds along special trajectories with a hurricane/typhoon at various altitudes would create supersonic booms. In one such embodiment, the trajectories for the supersonic booms of the present invention are counter to the rotational component of the hurricane and/or typhoon being targeted. As such, high level local velocity disturbances produced by supersonic booms can be tailored and/or designed to partially and/or fully negate the basic rotational contribution in a hurricane by slowing down a hurricane’s/typhoon’s rotation. Additionally, when supersonic booms propagate downward to the surface of the ocean they also destabilize a hurricane’s/typhoon’s structure by increasing the pressure in the central part of a hurricane’s/typhoon’s eye. In another embodiment, jet fighters flying just above the water can produce supersonic booms that will cause local ocean upwelling in various regions near and/or within the eye wall (EW) of a hurricane. This can result in “cutting off’ and/or reducing the amount of warm water, and therefore warm air, available to fuel the hurricane.

I’m no scientist but this sounds freaking crazy.  No doubt it would be pretty amazing to be able to harness nature like that but it still sounds pretty outlandish.  Whatever the outcome is I hope they have some kick ass video coverage of the first time they try this theory out.  I want every angle covered.


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