Diddy wants to be the next James Bond

pdiddy_waverunnerYou know that video 2 girls, 1 cup?  Although I have refused to actually watch that, I would rather see that a few hundred times than have to watch this again.

Diddy posted a video on his blog announcing his new 5-minute movie “I Am King”, which is not so much of a movie as it is an advertisement for Diddy’s new fragrance called…(wait for it) “I Am King”.

“This blog is about my new fragrance “I Am King” available at Macy’s, exclusively at Macy’s and I’m debuting the movie for “I Am King” that’s the name of the fragrance, that’s the name of the movie.  I’d like to dedicate this movie to all the men out there that take care of your children, your families and respect and treat yourself like the kings that we all are, because we are children of God.  And I’d also like to say this is my audition tape.  Y’all know I’ve been out there getting my hustle on in Hollywood, I just landed like a role on CSI: Miami, about to announce this movie and, I feel like I am…best suited to be the next James Bond.  We got a black President, it’s time for a black Bond.  So this is also my audition tape and it’s the movie for the fragrance, “I Am King”.  And I’d also like to dedicate the fragrance to Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama this fragrance is dedicated to you.  Strong, intelligent, powerful black men.  If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here, a lot of us wouldn’t be here and hopefully we can follow in your footsteps.  Here’s the movie, OK?  Check it out.”

This is seriously the worst thing I’ve ever seen, if for no other reason than Diddy takes himself so seriously.  The “movie” looks like a weird remake of Biggie’s Hypnotize video that was released posthumously.  Come on Diddy, how many “auditions” do you need?

It’s great how Diddy goes through his entire spiel, and even mentions his role in CSI: Miami before throwing in that this fragrance is dedicated to Martin Luther King, Muhammad Ali and Barack Obama.  Because without them paving the way, we may all have been forced to wear Derek Jeter’s fragrance, “Driven”.  We shall overcome…scentless men.


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