Meet your tiny, flying robot overlords: Little bee-like brother is watching

Either I’m getting older or the future is getting a whole lot scarier.  Or quite possibly both.  I wonder if every generation feels like this at some point, watching the advancements of what is to come?

U.S. military engineers are trying to design flying robots disguised as insects that could one day spy on enemies and conduct dangerous missions without risking lives.

“The way we envision it is, there would be a bunch of these sent out in a swarm,” said Greg Parker, who helps lead the research project at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. “If we know there’s a possibility of bad guys in a certain building, how do we find out? We think this would fill that void.”

I’m sure they’ll only use this for spying on suspected bad people, and it will never fall into the wrong hands.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong with this kind of technology?  Maybe we could get the bee like robots to carry around poison and sting “enemy combatants” rather than capturing them and having a pesky judge order their release.


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