A Fish Grows in Union Square, Subway

union_square_fishThis was sent in to the NYT Metro Diary and has been confirmed by the NYCT:

I had just given up my rat search when I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. It wasn’t a rat, but a tiny fish swimming up and down the tracks.

I looked around excitedly for someone to share it with. Finally a subway worker came along, whom I quickly grabbed and announced, “There’s a fish!” I figured he would tell me I was imagining it, but he smiled and said: “I know. It’s been there for two weeks.”

I went back a few days later, hoping to see the fish again. Amazingly, there he was in the exact same spot — about the size of my pointer finger, swimming around, dining on subway trash and probably wondering where his subway fish friends were.

A fish tale on 14th Street.


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