Obama May Spend his First 100 Days in Crackberry Withdrawal

barack-obama-holds-his-bl-001Anyone out there that owns (or has owned) a BlackBerry can likely attest to a complete and total addiction to the device.  BlackBerry power users are addicted to information, addicted to staying in touch with the outside world.  That’s the freedom BlackBerry gives you especially if you have a hectic schedule, and it doesn’t get more hectic than a Presidential campaign.  

If you’ve been following the Obama campaign at all you may have grown accustomed the almost iconic images of Obama checking his BlackBerry whenever he had some downtime.

All that is likely about to change:

…before he arrives at the White House, he will probably be forced to sign off. In addition to concerns about e-mail security, he faces the Presidential Records Act, which puts his correspondence in the official record and ultimately up for public review, and the threat of subpoenas. A decision has not been made on whether he could become the first e-mailing president, but aides said that seemed doubtful. 

Mr. Obama used e-mail to stay in constant touch with friends from the lonely confines of the road, often sending messages like “Sox!” when the Chicago White Sox won a game. He also relied on e-mail to keep abreast of the rapid whirl of events on a given campaign day.

“How about that?” Mr. Obama replied to a friend’s congratulatory e-mail message on the night of his victory.

Well, there goes my brilliant idea of getting Obama a new BlackBerry Bold for Christmas/Inauguration gift.  Thanks a lot National Security!


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