Insomniac Roundup

  • YouTube announced they are starting to sell ads on their search result pages.  That’s a tough sell.  I know after a search for chimpanzee on a segway I’d be hard pressed to decide whether or not to buy the Segway or the chimp.  Monetizing YouTube is going to be tough, YouTubers are wont to be entertained, not marketed to.
  • What happens when one half of one percent of New York babies are born at home with midwives instead of in hospitals?  Why a fancy article in the New York Times of course.  How relevant!  “Mommy, why does my blow up pool smell like afterbirth?”
  • 10 Mistakes That Could be Killing Your Blog – #1. Passing off Top Ten Lists as Content.  What’s worse than infrequent posting and people writing about infrequent posting?  People writing about the people writing about infrequent posting.  But now I’m now I’m writing about a person who is writing about a person who is writing about…oh fuck it.
  • Help Obama choose what qualities to look for in our Nation’s first CTO.

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