Fix for WordPress Flash Uploader and Flash 10 Breakage

Adobe recently released Flash 10 and effed up a lot of stuff including WordPress’ flash uploader for uploading images into posts.  Adobe’s latest update pretty much killed any flash uploader out there including flickr’s flash uploader and virtually every other photo hosting site.

According to Adobe it’s a security issue and they’re not going back on it, developers need to retrofit all their flash uploaders to be compatible or go fly a kite.

This is a change made for security reasons, and it will be in Flash Player 10.

WordPress’ original stance was that they weren’t going to fix it that it was Adobe’s problem and they had been compliant up until now and Adobe went and changed the rules on everyone so eff them.

Adobe crippled Flash 10 and made this sort of thing basically impossible. There’s some back and forth trying to get Adobe to revert their broken changes, but unless that happens, it seems unlikely that Flash 10 will be able to do any sort of file uploading of any kind.

All of these discussions were taking place while Flash Player 10 was still in beta.  A couple of months later when it was launched into production, nothing had been done by either side to resolve the issue. 

The bottom line was, those of us who use WordPress or flickr or any flash uploader at all were caught in the middle.  It’s hard to complain about two great products that are free but something had to give.  Fortunately, it has.

WordPress finally posted some patched files on its trac site to resolve this issue.  Hooray!

All you need to do is download this zip file (, upload and overwrite them on your WordPress install.  That’s it.  Flash uploader fixed, problem solved.  Thank you WordPress!


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