Blackberry Bold now available at AT&T

Urge to buy gadget phone I don’t really need rising.  After months of cockteasing AT&T has finally released the Blackberry Bold slightly before it’s scheduled launch.  This was the upgrade I had originally planned holding out for before I completely sold out and switched to an iPhone.

The Bold, which already seems like it’s old news since it’s been lingering and getting it’s launch date continually pushed back, is one of the phones RIM is putting its money on to take back some of that smart phone market that Apple has been eating up recently.  

The good news, Blackberry loyalists can finally upgrade to a Blackberry on AT&T’s 3G network.  The bad news, those of us with iPhones (especially in NYC, San Fran and Chicago) who have already been dealing with an overwhelmed 3G network are hoping the Bold doesn’t turn out to be the proverbial straw that broke AT&T’s 3G back.

While the Bold is very sharp looking and definitely a huge step up with a new OS and all, I’ll probably be able to control myself.  I can’t say I’ll have the same sort of restraint however when the Curve 8900 finally gets released.


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