MTA Testing New Geo-Targeted Video Ads

Tired of all the ads you see on nyc buses and trains that are about something 20 blocks away or not directly behind you?  You’re in luck.

New York’s transit agency is testing digital advertising screens on the sides of buses.

The screens can target ads for specific neighborhoods. The ads, which resemble TV commercials, could even advertise coffee in the morning, and beer after work.

Titan Worldwide has a 10-year, $800 million contract to sell ads throughout the city’s bus and commuter-train systems. The company says GPS technology allows it to change the ads based on the buses’ locations.

I can’t wait for the first, “Follow me to Whole Foods, it’s only 4…3…2…1 block(s) away.  You’re here!”  If there’s one thing more annoying than the ads on buses and trains it would have to be those same ads constantly changing enroute while be more like TV commercials at the same time.


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