CNN Has Officially Jumped the Shark

It’s no secret that mainstream media has somehow managed to feed on its self-perpetuating 24-hour news cycle long enough to make itself almost completely irrevelant, but CNN has finally outdone itself this time.

Alina Cho, presumably one of the most mindless dolts in all of newscasterdom, does a piece on Palin’s appearance on Saturday Night Live and reports on it as if it’s an actual news story.  When talking about Palin’s appearance on the show and the “Tina Fey Palin Effect”, Cho actually describes the bit with Alec Baldwin saying, “even Alec Baldwin…is confused”.

I’m not sure who this Alina Cho is but she sounds more like she should be hanging out on the set of The Hills rather than trying to pass herself off as a newswoman of any sort.  I guess the upside is that watching this piece with Cho must give the very dumbest among us hope that someday, you too could read something this stupid on CNN.

Click here to watch the video.


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