Our Robot Overlords Are Almost Ready to Rule Us

Ever heard of a machine known as Elbot?  You will soon enough as you are doing his bidding, like oiling his shiny, metal ass or lying in some embryonic harvesting field as a human battery source.  One way or another you’ll be hearing from Elbot.

A group of six computers came closer than ever this week to passing the Turing Test.  The winning computer, named Elbot, achieved a 25 percent success rate when it came to fooling their human counterparts.  That’s out of 30 percent needed to pass the Turing Test for a sentient being.

“Today’s results actually show a more complex story than a straight pass or fail by one machine. Where the machines were identified correctly by the human interrogators as machines, the conversational abilities of each machine was scored at 80 and 90%.

“This demonstrates how close machines are getting to reaching the milestone of communicating with us in a way in which we are comfortable.

“That eventual day will herald a new phase in our relationship with machines, bringing closer the time in which robots start to play an active role in our daily lives.”

And by “active role” we of course mean, total robot domination.


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