NYPD and Brooklyn DA Counting on People Being Too Broke to Mug, Ask Criminals to Sell Them Their Guns

In what may seem like counter intuitive logic, the NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney are taking advantage of the tanking economy and doubling the reward they offer to buy up used guns off the street.

You know the economy is bad when the NYPD is leveraging it against criminal types in an attempt to get guns off the streets.

New York City has long had a policy that you anyone could walk into any precinct across the city and turn in a gun for $100 no questions asked, but it’s not like a lot of people with “extra” weapons lying around are making a beeline to the police precinct.  That’s why this weekend the NYPD is teaming up with a few local churches to try and calm people’s fears about actually walking into a precinct with a gun.

“It’s a trust issue. If we say no one is going to be asking questions about where it came from, they trust us,” said the Rev. Frank Amato of Bushwick’s Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompei Church.

“The economy is taking a dive. I would hope that that would be another reason someone would say, ‘If it’s in the house … I should get the money,'” said the Rev. Richard Beuther, pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul, which will take part in in the program.

True, they could say that. But it doesn’t exactly seem to make sense from the criminal’s point of view.  Sure you could turn in your gun and get $200 no questions asked.  But you could also keep it and probably get two or three times that much after just a couple of muggings.

According to the NYPD’s website:

The NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney will pay $200, no questions asked, for handguns, rifles and shotguns returned to select churches in Brooklyn on Saturday, October 11. See program details.

A quick call to the NYPD also confirmed that the guns don’t even necessarily need to be in working condition to get the reward.  I guess that makes sense, what are they going to do, test fire each gun that comes into the church?

So, if you’re a down on your luck n’er do well that’s been hit hard by the economic downturn and haven’t been able to fix your broken gun, now’s you chance to turn lemons into lemonade.

Drop off your gun in exchange for a $200 bank card Saturday from 11a.m. to 5 p.m. at: Sts. Peter and Paul Church, 71 S. Third St.; All Saints Church, 115 Throop Ave., St. Barbara Church, 138 Bleecker St. and Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompei Church, 225 Seigel St.

The only question is…what are you going to do with that extra $200?


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