Gmail Adds Advanced IMAP Controls

This is good news for all you iPhone/Gmail users out there.  No more do you have to look at your entire list of labels everytime you file away a mail item.  Gmail Labs has added advanced IMAP control for all of you neat freaks.

If you’re like me, most of your labels are set up to work in conjuction with filters so the labels are automatically applied when they hit your inbox so it’s not like you need the folders on your iPhone to label them properly.  Before advanced IMAP controls when you went into your Gmail account on your iPhone you would see every folder including Spam, Chats, Drafts plus every single label you have set up.

Not anymore and the best thing is, it couldn’t be simpler to set up.  Just go into Labs and activate Advanced IMAP Controls.  After you’ve done that go into your “Labels” tab under “Settings” and remove the checks from the folders and labels you don’t want to show up in IMAP.

I went in and removed all of my 50+ labels and a couple of folders I don’t really need and it really cleans up the look of your account.

Here’s a before and after from my phone:


Not bad, especially if you’re a GTDer looking to conserve and keep that zero inbox even on the go.

Of course there are a many other useful applications for this feature but since the iPhone is the only place I use IMAP it’s really all that mattered to me.


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