401k Question

Hopefully someday, someone, somewhere will actually read this blog and happen to stumble upon this post and answer my naive question.

I’m not a financial wizard by any means, but I have new 401k opening up and virtually all of it is in stocks.  Is now actually a good time to dump as much as I can into something like that?

Does the whole “buy low, sell high”, rule apply to a case like this?  I mean, the market has to recover eventually right?  Am I an idiot for dumping money into stocks now?

I have my own opinions obviously, but I’m curious to hear from someone whose opinions aren’t formulated out sheer conjecture and tea leaves.


Google Earth Finally Released for iPhone

I’ve been waiting for this since I bought my iPhone, and I’m sure with further updates it will only get better. It’s pretty damn cool to be able to swoosh your finger and explore the entire planet. You can even explore Mt. Everest in 3D.

Check out this demo from Google Earth Project Manager Peter Birch.


Wassup Obama

Maybe one of the best political ads of all time.  It may not be an official Obama ad, but it manages to take the old Budweiser wassup commercials, original cast and all, and turn it into a great little social commentary.


McCain is Almost as Eloquent as Bush


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MTA Testing New Geo-Targeted Video Ads

Tired of all the ads you see on nyc buses and trains that are about something 20 blocks away or not directly behind you?  You’re in luck.

New York’s transit agency is testing digital advertising screens on the sides of buses.

The screens can target ads for specific neighborhoods. The ads, which resemble TV commercials, could even advertise coffee in the morning, and beer after work.

Titan Worldwide has a 10-year, $800 million contract to sell ads throughout the city’s bus and commuter-train systems. The company says GPS technology allows it to change the ads based on the buses’ locations.

I can’t wait for the first, “Follow me to Whole Foods, it’s only 4…3…2…1 block(s) away.  You’re here!”  If there’s one thing more annoying than the ads on buses and trains it would have to be those same ads constantly changing enroute while be more like TV commercials at the same time.

Britney Spears on Twitter

If you “Want to eat the same ice cream sandwich Britney did yesterday?”  You’ll probably want to start following her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/therealbritney.

This will also come in handy if you want constant updates on anything Womanizer and using web apps to taunt the paparazzi.

Sorry to break it to you though, most of the posts are done by some girl named Lauren who has apparently entered into some pact with the devil to do Britney’s bidding.

I really shouldn’t be talking though, as boring and mindless as Britney’s tweets are they’re still way more exciting than mine.

If You're a Fan of Clean Water, Banning Toxic Chemicals and Saving the Polar Bears, Palin May not be for You

The Telegraph has a great article on Sarah Palin.  If you thought she was unlikable and nuts before, just wait until you read this.

Palin’s administration, for example, opposed legislation, put forward earlier this year, that would have banned the flame retardant Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs), which affects brain development in young children, including memory and learning functions.

You would think a woman that has a child with Down Syndrome would have a little more sympathy for people who have children with developmental and learning disabilities needlessly caused by toxins they are exposed to.  Not this maverick.

Palin’s stance on the melting ice caps and the disappearing habitat of the Polar Bear?

Writing in an open-ed piece for the New York Times, she said that these “magnificent, cuddly white bears are doing just fine and don’t need our protection. If the ice melts, they’ll adapt to living on the land.”

Man, I hate to be this whack-a-doo’s fish.  She probably wonders why they keep dying in an empty aquarium rather than “adapting to live on the land”.

Gov Palin also opposed the Clean Water Initiative, known as Proposition 4, which was put to the vote in August. This would have reduced the run-off of toxic metals from all mining in Alaska. Less than a week before the vote, she went on TV to state her personal objection to the measure.

She said: “Let me take my governor’s hat off for just a minute and tell you personally – Prop 4, I vote no on that.” Proposal 4 had been expected to pass. But Alaska’s mining industry used the Palin sound bite in a big advertising push, causing the bill to be defeated.

I guess this one sort of goes back to the Polar Bear line of thought.  Why worry about keeping corporations from dumping toxic chemicals into our drinking water, who needs clean water anyway, I’m sure we can all just adapt to drinking toxic metals.

Palin put up a $150 bounty on wolf paws to encourage hunters to kill more of the creatures. She also spent $400,000 of public money to defeat a proposed ban on the aerial hunting of wolves for sport.

Want to hunt but without all that pesky walking around and “hiding” in the woods?  Apparently so does Palin, she’s a big fan of flying around in helicopters and shooting things.  It’s like killing without all that pesky work involved.  Everyone should try it!