Google or Mobile Me?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new iPhone, but am I doing it an injustice by not taking advantage of the Mobile Me services?

As an admitted fanatic of all things new and a complete dork when it comes to evangelizing and utilizing new social media tools, I’m finding it hard to convince myself that the Mac’s new Mobile Me is worth the $99 a year it’s selling for.

I’ve been a Gmail user since late 2004 and an quickly made it my primary email for all things, business and personal. I also was one of the first in my circle of friends to make the full-time transition to gTalk. I can remember downloading it the first night it was released and practically begging other people to download so I would have someone to chat with on it. Now, knowing someone that’s not on gTalk is the exception and not the rule. The list goes on and on with Google Reader (sorry Bloglines) and Google Docs and Spreadsheets, etc.

Mobile Me offers push email services and OTA syncing with your calendar and contacts as well as photo and file integration (those are at least the major points). Still, is what you get really worth the price?

I want to believe. I want to drink a big glass full of that kool-aid Steve Jobs stirred with his passionate fist, but I just can’t justify it. I would love to hear some success stories about Mobile Me if anyone has signed up and had it absolutely change your life. I mean, getting your email pushed instantly to your iPhone rather than waiting 15 minutes for (although it’s never taken more than a couple of minutes for me) for your Gmail to come in.