Ganga Queen – Schapelle Corby

Schapelle CorbyJust watched the Ganga Queen documentary on HBO. I have to say it was pretty fascinating. While I feel 20 years is a completely insane sentence for any amount of marijuana, watching the documentary you definitely get the feeling that neither Schapelle Corby, her family or supporters helped her case in any way.

That fact is even more apparent if you take a look at some of the info on her Wikipedia entry.

Mercedes Corby, Schapelle’s sister, doesn’t come across as the most sympathetic character, at least not in this documentary. Not to mention her Balinese husband who wouldn’t stop talking about how great pot was and how “we” call it God’s weed.

All of that’s neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things.

What I found incredibly hard to believe, and what no one seemed to mention, is that neither Corby nor her brother, who were the only ones who actually lifted the boogie board bag, didn’t notice that the bag was 10lbs heavier than when they dropped it off. The bag contained a boogie board and some fins, you would think that an extra 10lbs out of nowhere would have been pretty easy to notice.  Don’t think so?  Take your bag that you carry everyday, drop a 10 pound weight in there and then pick it up after a bit and see if you notice a difference.  I bet you do.

The criminologist who was meeting with her lawyers kept claiming that in all of his experience Corby doesn’t seem to fit the profile of someone who would smuggle drugs. Has this guy ever seen Locked Up Abroad? She’s exactly the kind of person who would get caught smuggling drugs.

Another thing that doesn’t look good is the fact that Corby’s Australian lawyer did an interview this month with an Australian television station and admitted that he fabricated the story about the baggage handlers possibly being involved and issued a public apology to them.

According to a new survey by the Sydney Morning Herald, more than half of the people polled believed that Corby was guilty with 3/4 of those people believing she should serve out her full 20 year sentence.

One thing you can say definitively about Schapelle Corby is that she’s not a rat. It seems hard to believe that if she is in fact guilty (and yes I believe she is), that no one else in her family was in on it somehow.  I don’t think it’s possible that she could have, or would have attempted this on on her own.

Did you see the show? If so, what are you thoughts on her guilt or innocence or her insane prison term?