Top Firefox 3 Plugins I Can't Live Without

Here are some of my favorite plugins that are currently compatible with FF3.

  1. Adblock Plus – I’ve had this installed so long that I literally forget that I even have it. Many times it works so well that when I do need to find an ad on a page for my job or something I think the page is broken until I realize I need to greenlight the ads for them to show up.
  2. Better Gmail2 – Whether you’re a Gmail power user like me or just a casual Gmailite you’ll probably want to check out Better Gmail2. It lets you customize Gmail just the way you like it. From forcing Compose mailto: links to open in Gmail to hiding your spam count to some pretty sweet skins plus a whole lot more. Better Gmail 2 is updated frequently, and is definitely you’re best bet for fine tuning Gmail to fit your needs.
  3. Better GReader – If you’re a GReader guru you this is an add-on that will make you’re life a little more convenient. I basically use this add-on for three things. Auto Add to Reader which lets you automatically bypass the option to add the feed to iGoogle, show favicons and the optimized skin. The skin does a great job of maximizing screen real estate and making GReader even easier to navigate.
  4. Colorful Tabs – This add-on is super simple and does just what it says. It colors your tabs. “Colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to distinguish while beautifying the overall appearance of the interface.”
  5. Forecastfox – The best thing about this plugin is the seamless way it integrates with the browser. Now when anyone asks, “what’s the weather like outside” or “is it going to rain tomorrow” all you have to do is glance to the bottom right hand corner and you’ll have your answer.
  6. IE Tab – IE Tab is probably only really useful if you’re a coder and need to check browser compatibility issues. IE Tab let’s you run a page based on IEs engine right in Firefox. It’s a quick and convenient way to make sure your page doesn’t fail once you launch it in IE.
  7. Picnik – I just added this add-on recently and haven’t used it much but from what I have used I’ve been pretty impressed. The coolest feature about the plugin is it adds a “Send page to Picnik” option in your right-click contextual menu. This will screencap whatever page you are on and send it straight into picnic and let you go to work on it. Extremely handy if you’re a developer and you want to capture some of your work, throw a nice matte frame around it and post it to your portfolio.
  8. Screen grab! – “Saves a webpage as an image”. That’s what it says under the add-on screen and that’s exactly what it does. This is sort of a trimmed down, streamline version of the Picnik plugin and one which I use way more frequently. This plugin also add options to your contextual menu. With Screen grab! you can either capture and save the visible portion of the page, the complete page or a selection. This is a very handy plugin that I find myself using often.

There you have it, many of you may have heard of some of these and some of you may have heard of all of these but you can’t fool the fooler once again.

On a quick sidenote in case anyone at Mozilla reads this, you really need to fix up your search function on your add-ons pages. For many of these plugins I typed up the exact name and they either didn’t come up at all or were way down on the list. A few I actually had to go through Google to find them on your add-on page.