Really Simple Syndication (RSS) in Really Simple English

I constantly have clients asking to explain what RSS is, what it does and why they should have it. This usually ends up with a poor attempt to explain RSS with a resignation of, “You just need it, that’s why!”

Fortunately Common Craft has put together a far more articulate video with a simple, easy to understand explanation of RSS.



Why Your Company Shouldn't be Afraid of Free

I recently finished up some consulting for a large data enterprise corporation and was shocked to see how outdated and clunky their CMS tools were.

I won’t be mentioning the client by name but I was told that they paid close to a million dollars for the CMS they were using. It was nearly impossible to figure out how to use unless you were already prolific in CMS and could come up with a way to hack your way through it. Within less than a week of being there, I was the goto guy for CMS questions and the people that were coming to me were people that had worked with the CMS for years.

The entire point of a (good) CMS is to more efficiently and effectively manage your site, to streamline information from you to your clients. Most companies have the errant view that if they throw a lot of money into something it must be good, when in fact it is more than likely a slightly polished turd. Continue reading